Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Don't Know What to Call This

So I'm a total loser and uploaded all of our vacation pics to Adam's computer and for some reason he's having trouble connecting to the internet here. Hence, no Christmas posts. I'm working on it. We've basically been eating pizza and italian wedding cake, sleeping in, watching movies, and apartment searching online all week. It's been a great time with family and friends and we're sad that the trip ends tomorrow morning. 
Favorite Christmas quote: 
Grandpa Handley--"Britney, tell your doctor that the due date is the 27th (it's really the 21st, but Gpa's bday is the 27th). So you'll just have to keep your legs closed until then." 
What Adam got for Christmas: Two video games, LEGO Star Wars, H&M pants, H&M shoes, iTunes gift cards, a mug that says "Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife", and lots and lots of candy. 
What Britney got for Christmas: New-freaking-awesome maternity coat and tank top, H&M sweater, milkshake maker/mixer, 2 pairs of Urban Outfitters oxfords, Twilight from Edward, and lots and lots of darling little man clothes for my little Adam. Can't wait. 

We love each other. Obviously. Wish us good weather and flying conditions on our voyage back to Rexburg! 

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