Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Love Love

As the first Valentine's Day of our life together draws near, I figured I'd write sooner so our all encompassing studies don't make this post later...
and what's more appropriate than a good ole' generic love list to organize all the things I adore in life?
--the following are in no particular order, except for #s 1 & 2--
1. Adam--my husband/best friend/hotty with a sweet body/eternal cuddler
2. NYC--my haven for good food, sites, and cheap sunglasses. 
3. Pinkberry--my love affair with frozen yogurt is just that desperate. 
4. Tailored jeans--although I still do not own a pair, I could definitely get used to jeans that squeeze my waist just as much as they snuggle my butt. 
5. Reduced-fat oreos and milk--enough said.
6. Scarves--they keep my neck warmth and reassurance of how cool I am at a reasonable level.
7. Family Guy--a show with the copyright to make fun of anyone or anything = free hours of (quality?) entertainment. 
8. Dogs--we need the company. It's either one of these or a baby, and my level of maturity makes this decision real easy. 
9. Henri Bendels--I want the hot pink watch. Period. 
10. Boston, MA--symbolizes our academic success and emancipation from the (ice)"burg."
11. My families--from crazy Brynne to retro Nick, it's a zoo. 
12. Our comfy-awesome bed--all I need is cereal and an in-bed hot tub and I could live in it.
13. Ankle boots--they're the comfiest heals can get without looking like trash.
14. The fact that I still have straight A's--knock on wood. 
15. My phone--it deceives people into thinking I'm expensive.
16. Adam's car-- now that I can drive her, we get along just fine.
17. Field hockey--my long lost love I'm determined to reunite with.
18. The temple--it's the only place I can forget about school and think about the big picture. 
19. Clean clothes and house--it makes the world feel complete, right? 
20. HOT showers--there's nothing more therapeutic after a long day of reading and starvation. 
21. Tie-waist sweaters--the comfy-chic article that only requires throwing on.
22. High-waist skirts--they hide my belly after a week of tortilla chips and salsa. 
23. Raybans--one day I'll own real ones, one day.
24. The subway--just realizing I'll never see those people again is liberating. 
25. Waffles and strawberries with whipped cream--it's the only dessert I can eat as a meal without feeling guilty. 
26. Adam's surprises--minus knowing they're coming. 
27. Down pillows--soon my loves, soon.
28. The idea of having a spacious apartment in Boston looking over the harbor--relaxation never looked so posh. 
29. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ--the two people who know our plan in mortality and love us no matter how far we deviate. 
30. A tan--less shaving and less makeup. Not hard to love.  
31. Banana Republic--my transition from American Eagle couldn't have been easier. 

Wow there's more but I know it's exhaustive. I think this was more of a reminder for me than anyone else. So, this Valentine's Day, flounce around in your most provocative outfits, tease your tongues with savory snacks, light your room with cookie smelling candles, and reminisce about what gave you butterflies and rosy cheeks in the first place. 

Why not make it one for the ages? Have an Extra Sexy Valentine's Day Loves!

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