Sunday, January 11, 2009

All Settled In

A week ago this past Wednesday, Dad, Adam, and Britney packed up their Budget Truck full (literally) of possessions and made their way out to the infamous frozen tundra we so humbly call Rexburg, ID. The forecast for the next few days wasn't looking so good in the Blues so we left early to avoid heavy winds and snow. So Adam and Britney hopped into Adam's cute little VW Golf, popped in the first season of Lost, while following Dad from behind. The conditions couldn't have been better traffic and weather-wise and about seven hours later we pulled into Matt, Kim, and Talmadge's house in Meridian, ID. We couldn't move into our place until Friday because of the holidays so the other so graciously let stay over until our Friday morning departure. And of course it was way fun. The first night we arrived they took us out to an awesome Japanese restaurant nearby and a super good Italian place the next afternoon. Thursday morning Adam, Britney, and Kim went to a house nearby to pick up a TV Adam and Britney had found off Craigs List. The thing is super massive and heavy but has great picture and sound so of course we're satisfied. That night, Britney and Kim went out to Target to find throw pillows and a rug for their apartment and Kim found super cute clothes for Talmadge. We had a great time spending time together during the day and watching movies and eating peanut butter cookies at night. As always, we had a great time at their house and can't wait to spend time with them again and see how big Talmadge has gotten. 
Friday afternoon, we pulled into our apartment complex, took about an hour to go through our lease rules/conditions/who cares with one of our apt. managers. Adam had tried to find guys he knew who could help us move in since we have a bunch of heavy and bulky things and live on the third floor, but he found no luck. Fortunately, we ran into our friends Aaron and Ailinh Harris on their way to the laundry room. Adam asked Aaron if he'd be willing to help us out and he said of course and we were moved in in no time. That night's agenda consisted of Britney opening up all the boxes for our appliances and other things and Adam and Dad assembling the furniture. The kitchen/dining room area reached the point where Britney was swimming in a sea of empty boxes, plastic bags, and styrofoam. A couple hours and bloody hands later, we had the essential pieces put together (our bed) and called it quits until the next day. Saturday morning, we all headed out for a seemingly endless array of errands. First, we stopped at Walmart to get all the essentials, i.e. cleaning supplies, missing utensils, etc. After dropping everything off at home, we went over to the school so Adam could hand in some of his financial information for the Pell Grant and such. We then went over to Broulim's for all our groceries, stopping at Sonic on our way home. Once everything was put away, we continued with our assembling and organizing. Although still having many things to buy and assemble, that night we were decently pleased with the general appearance of our place and took pride in our home. Sunday morning, Adam took Dad to Rigby to catch his ride home with the Wisniewski's. We can't thank Dad enough for his bounteous generosity. There's no way we could of done all of this without him. WE LOVE YOU, DAD <3
Sunday night was our first dinner together alone in our new place as a married couple. We planned on trying to follow a menu throughout the week in hopes to limit our spending, instead of just buying a bunch of random stuff. But, we soon realized that not only would it be wicked expensive to buy every little thing for every planned meal during the week, but most of the time we didn't even feel like what was supposed to be on the menu for that night anyway. So, our first meal was left over pizza, brown and wild rice, and cheese quesadillas dipped in tomato sauce. Hey, it was fast and worked just fine for us. Monday and Tuesday were spent getting all
 the things we saw missing, such as curtains, a TV stand, and bookshelf. It felt so good to get everything we needed and to be done with it. But we're happy to say that we love our little home. All the gifts fit perfectly everywhere and the Scensy from the Hadley's makes the whole apartment smell like Vanilla Cookie Land. Thanks so much to everyone for your gifts and input. We truly feel like we're home now. Here's a couple pics of the end results. Now, don't judge the size. The place is actually a lot roomier than the pictures depict.


manders said...

Wow! Your place looks amazing and so cute with the decorating. Great colors, furniture, pics, etc. I especially like the first night dinner very creative. What we do with the menu is I go through my cookbooks and pick out 4 or 5 things that I can make each week and buy ingredients that go with most of them. Example "Creamy Chk cassorale", and the next week "Lemon Chk" just an idea. We love your place. Enjoy it everyday. Hope school is going well. We will Icam soon.
love you

Dustin and Erika said...

Such a cute 1st apartment! Sydni and Jake used to live there, so I understood where every picture was taken! I bet you love being officially on your own now.
To cut down on spending w/ groceries, I make a list for like, 10 dinners then I just have Dustin pick what he wants off of the list for that night. Otherwise, I go a little crazy at the store! You're probably alot better than we were when we first got married.