Sunday, February 20, 2011

36 Weeks

Welp, here's 36 weeks!
Let's all take a moment to pity me. Just kidding, I actually feel really good. It's not until I see pictures like this one when I realize why every man, woman, and child seems to be giving me a 12 foot radius of space at all times--as if I'm my own vehicle and totally don't know how to drive this thing. 
Yesterday we went bowling for our friend Phil's birthday and I kind of felt like I should just roll myself down the lane with this mother-of-a gut. When I got dressed to go Adam just came saying, "Oh my gosh, hunny, you're so pregnant."
Tuesday I start my weekly Dr. visits. Hopefully the frequent--not to mention awkward--poking and prodding will result in me going into labor early. 
One can only dream. 
Checklist of symptoms this week:
Heartburn √
Pelvis about to snap √
Penguin waddle √
Seasons 1-3 of Grey's Anatomy watched √
Stretch marks √√√
Back rubs--someone is still working on that one
Indecent carb consumption √
Dr. Pepper infatuation √
I'm not going to get any bigger am I?


amber said...

I love the way you write because I can hear you saying it all. :) You look so great and I can't wait for the little man to get here! :)

Kimberly said...

Brit you look so cute......and yes you will probably still get bigger. Isn't it just weird how big your belly can get. You look great and I can't wait until he is here!!!!!!

Dustin and Erika said...

Can't wait for that little baby boy to get out! And don't worry, after a few months everything DOES go back to normal (for the most part). You'll be able to sleep on your stomach again, get out of bed without a weird, rolling-over maneuver, and walk like a lady.

Joelle said...

Oh you look great! I'm soo glad you're posting pictures because that way I feel like we're still friends that see each other several times a week. Good luck with everything! I'm excited to see your little guy!

Natalie Daniel said...

Yay!!! Only a couple more weeks until I get to see that belly in person!!!! You are NOT big any where but in the belly region. Relax, that pretty face still looks the same!!!

Ailinh Harris said...

And still as gorgeous as ever. Hopefully the baby comes out smoothly for you and not so horrific like Bella and Edward's baby (i.e. trying to rip out of her belly...) Which I am sure won't happen, but you know! Uhh.. okay, I'm done being awkward.

Natalie Daniel said...

bahahahaha, I love Ailinh!

alyssa said...


Joe & Luci said...

You look amazingly gorgeous Britney, congratulations