Friday, July 24, 2009

Adam Speaks Out

My husband's name is Adam. Adam is just short of six foot, has one green/hazel and one brown eye, and otherwise dark features, with a soft, angelic skin-tone. Consequently, Adam's a hottie with a body. He and I were watching a show on TLC with the hosts of What Not To Wear today when Adam turned to me and said, "That guy has sharp style." I then realized something I never put together before: Adam would look KILLER in J. Crew. So, we started future-when-we're-rich-and-famous wardrobe shopping, which, of course, was just self-inflicted torture. Adam loved various shirts, jackets, and ties, but fell in LOVE with an accessory we mildly overlooked: A school messenger bag. It sounds trivial, but carrying a bulky Swiss Army black backpack or a stylish vintage leather bag can really make the difference in poor-college student fashion making. Here it is:

Adam and I get along just fine. 


Aaron and Ailinh Harris said...

LOL you kill me, Brit.

Samantha said...

You two are hilarious. We need to hang out. Like all of us before you leave town.

amber lee said...

okay, so i know i have your number, and we see each other all the time, but could you email me with your email address so that we can set something up for pictures? i figure it might be just as easy to figure it out by email. anyways, here's my email address:

thanks! and, travel safely back to rexburg!!!