Saturday, October 4, 2008

Almost done!

Plans are finally coming together.
A series of amazing/helpful events helped plans move forward this week.
After an out-of-stock scare, Britney's sister Briana found the bride's maids dresses we'd been planning on getting for a least a month from Banana Republic. Of all the girls who tried them on, they look absolutely fantastic and can't wait to wear them. Last week Britney also met with her Aunt and got all flower arrangements taken care of as well as favor boxes and tea lights. Currently, we're trying to find the perfect cupcake recipes to go with our cupcake tree. 
Call it a case of an overzealous tendency to freak out, but Britney's bridezilla tension has finally waned (a lot) and she's beginning to enjoy the planning process.  
Two months! 

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